Elderly Groups



Fratton Live at Home provides support to older people living in their own homes to prevent social isolation and to help them re-engage with their community and make new friendships. The Scheme achieves this by providing a wide range of activities aimed at Members’ well being, healthy lifestyles, mental stimulation and importantly companionship and friendship which continues outside the Scheme. Opportunities are given to Members to voice their views, shape services and get involved in the running of the Scheme. Regular talks by outside guests on various topics.

flahOur services include:

  • Befriending

  • Circle of Friends Arts and Crafts Group

  • Friendship Club

  • New Age Kurling

  • Knit and Natter

  • Regular Newsletter

  • Outings, theatre trips

  • Christmas and Easter parties




How much do you charge?SAM_0188

Only £2.00 per year!

What do you do?

We have guest speakers, Play cards and Bingo.
But generally it is somewhere to meet up

and talk to like minded people.

How do new members contact you?

Please call reception on: 02392 751441

What days and times do you run?SAM_0189

Wednesdays from 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Who are the trustees of the group?

Chair person: Jean Francis
Treasurer: Dot Watkinson
Secretary: Silvia Welch
Trustee: Dan Cockerton